Week 15: artist Interview: Sara Walter

I got to meet a set down to Earth artist, Sara Walter.  She is an amazing artist and displayed her art in the Aduriz gallery.

image image image image imageI noticed that she likes to draw dinosaurs and she told me that she got into drawing dinosaurs and dinosaurs in general because of the movie Jurassic Park!  I love the dinosaur picture with the skeleton then the muscle and finally the entire dinosaur picture. I’m amazed at. How flawless it is. The other dinosaur picture with the cowboy on it is extremely detailed I can only imagine how long it took her.  I asked if she has ever seen the previews for a new movie of dinosaurs vs Cowboys but she hasn’t a and im actually not too sure if this movie preview is legit or not haha.  The two pictures of the backgrounds are amazing but interesting fais ct is that it’s on photoshop but she only just started to learn how to use photoshop last summer!!  She’s definitely gifted!  But she told me the name of the teacher she had for photoshop which I am going to follow up on.

So a funny fact is that we actually had a long conversation about guinea pigs.  I own two and so does she!  She names her guinea pigs after spices like sage and clover.  She also made her guinea pig cage out of plaster from Costco and I’m having her email me a picture to help me build one of my own.

Sara is a super chill girl with an amazing artistic talent and if you ever get the chance you need to definitely meet her!


Week 15: Joseph Cardosa

So I’m super glad I got I got to meet Joeseph because he kind of low key changed my life!  He’s from Long Beach and is majoring in human development at CSULB and is a 2nd year. He also does track and swim weekly at the rec in rider to stay fit. But what really caught my attention about Joeseph is that he does 3D argon the computer as well as use computer art programs to make art! One of the reasons he chose to take art 110 was to learn more about different ways to create art. He likes to make art on his iPad then export it to his computer to save it and not take up too much room on his iPad. He uses a program called blender, which is free and efficient to use!  After Joeseph graduates, he wants to explore the world!


Week 14: Classmate Interview: Beatriz Adanza

I got to meet this super down to Earth girl, Beatriz.  She’s really nice, optimistic, and out going.  She is from Huntington Beach and is majoring in kinesiology here at CSULB.  I think that’s a great major and I can definitely see her working with and helping out people one day.  One of her favorite foods is macaroni and cheese mixed with spam!  I’ve never tried that before but I’ve had macaroni and cheese mixed with hot dogs, so I’m sure I would like this combination, too.  She also likes the fried oreos found at the fair!  I have never tried this either so I definitely have to get on that soon.  One of her friends who was taking the picture of us actually took a selfie of himself so I had to retake the picture with her after a bunch of laughing.  She is definitely really funny and happy and I would suggest if you ever see her, you should meet and get to know Beatriz!


Week 14: Artist Interview: Danqing Shen

I was amazed when I walked into the Dutzi gallery.  The left and front walls were lined with plasma TVs and Ipads showing different designs.  The back wall had the name of the gallery: “Feelings You Can See,” and a contraption that filled up a transparent box with colorful sugar.  The wall on the right had color-coordinated circles in different sizes for the last 100 days.

20150430_150725 20150430_150729 20150430_150734 20150430_150744

Shen used a processing program on the computer that computed different designs.  Each design is related to a certain mood.  The orange ones mean happiness, the red ones mean love, the blue ones mean sad, and the black ones mean fear.  Also, each design has four subunits.  This means that if happiness was at a one on one day and at a four a different day, they would have more or less layers.  Also on some of the days, Shen added a short description of what happened on that day.  For example, “Big V-Day Surprise” showed the red design.  The red design for love just happened to have the heart shape in it, which was a neat coincidence.  The love design also jump started Shen’s idea of this whole project.  The bottom right picture shows a 3D effect of the moods that were made by 3D printing.  The two on the left are positive feelings and the two on the right are more negative feelings and that is why they are more narrow and straight.

20150430_150717 This is the Happy Machine!  I liked this the best out of everything I have seen as every time the hashtag #happy gets added to a picture on Instagram or texted via Twitter, 0.2oz of dyed sugar gets dumped into this box.  #happy can also be from anywhere in the whole world and this machine picks it up.  I was surprised how often sugar was dumped into this box!  Each color represents a different day and it looked like Wednesday was the happiest day so far out of the week and the yellow on the bottom is Sunday, however it only went for 2 hours that day.  Every other day was 5 hours of measuring.  That’s a LOT of happiness in the world!

20150430_150815 20150430_150821

This was a measure of Shen’s feelings over the last 100 days.  It measured tension, depression, anger, fear, fatigue, and confusion.  I noticed that fear and fatigue were more prominent in April and she said it was because she had to come to school a lot more to this project.

If you have time go visit this at the Dutzi gallery, it is pretty amazing!

Week 13: Classmate Interview: Gibson Reedy

I met an awesome person, Gibson Reedy in Art110 class.  He is afreshman with a pre-film major here at CSULB.  He is from Portland, Oregon and finally has found a place to move in in SoCal with his British friend.  He is also officially a California resident as he also got his California license, too.  He wanted to move down to SoCal to be closer to L.A. because he is really into film.  So in high school, Gibson worked for the newspaper at his school.  However, when he went to help out on a segment, he brought all of his video equipment and asked where the reporter was.  There was no reporter and the teacher told him that he would be the one reporting!  So, Gibson took on being a reporter for the school and the interesting thing is, he pretty much was a one man team as he also filmed!  He had to decide the story, film it, edit it, and post it.  The coolest part about that was that he got to dip out of class to do segments.  He has all of his 53 videos up on YouTube.  If 53 sounds impressive, well in actuality, Gibson has done 78 movies since the 5th grade!   Gibson told me that the reason he still doesn’t do journal reporting is because it is really hard to get your name out there and to get to travel the world to do it.  He doesn’t want to get stuck somewhere boring doing it, so that’s why he is majoring in pre-film.  So Gibson is a really cool guy that everyone should meet and I think he is going to be famous one day!  Here are some pictures of me and Gibson and then some other classmates and our teacher!

20150423_121927 20150423_121942 20150423_122008 20150423_122056

Week 13: Artist Interview: Shihori Nakayama

Out of all of the galleries we visited this week, I was drawn to the Dutzi gallery where Shihori Nakayama exhibited her beautiful artwork.  Each piece that Nakayama did was so intricate with an immense amount of details I found myself staring at each artwork for a while taking it all in.  While interviewing Nakayama, she explained how she loved to incorporate a lot of detail into her work so people could enjoy looking at it.  She said it reminds her of “search-and-find” children books.  Almost all of her art pieces reminds her of times in her past or daily life as she loves to draw pictures from photos she has taken, draw from her memories or good times she has had in the past.  I asked about the girl with blue fingernails amidst all of the black and white around her.  She told me that it was her friend in one of her art classes who she had a picture with and this girl had blue nail polish.  Nakayama thought it would be cute to keep that color in her artwork when drawing her.  She also likes to have those subtle hints of color in her mainly black and white art, as you can see in the pictures below.  She might sell the pictures when she is done, I’m hoping because I would really like them in my house!  There is so much detail and so many things going on, I really did feel like I was playing a search-and-find game!  I also noticed that she drew many cats in her main art piece.  She takes pictures of cats she sees around and draws them into her art.  I also noticed a “ninja” on the far left, but when I asked her about it she explained to me that it was actually a Japanese sport called Kindle.

20150423_113556 20150423_113653 20150423_113707

Above are her detailed work that she used an expensive pen to do.  Her other art pieces included ones where she used several prints one on top of the other to do.  They really were amazing and if you look up really close, you could see the light, glistening color of animals in the background of the first picture below.  In the second picture you can see the different layers of flowers and the last picture is of a sunset above beautiful mountains.


Week 12: Extra Credit

3 most favorite activities:

1.  New Media.  I thought it was fun and funny to do silly random and spontaneous pictures of myself.  I liked how I could do it anywhere and I laughed doing it.

2.  Fiber Arts.  The yarn wasn’t too expensive at all and going out in the middle of a park to yarn bomb a tree was fun.  I also liked how it looked and it really brightened up the park and made passer-bys smile!

3.  Remix Culture.  I liked this because it made me get super creative and make music and a video to go along with it.  I was really proud of my work when I was finished.

3 least favorite activities:

1.  Sculpture.  This was hard for me to get to a place to buy plaster then go to the beach to do it.  It was really out of the way considering I’m at school for the week then work on the weekends.

2.  Social Photography.  I think instead of posting them on our Instagram, we should make “Instagram-like” photos and post them on our site.  Then we would have the choice of posting them on our Instagram if we wanted to or not.

3.  I honestly can’t think of any others, I really liked all of them except for the two I mentioned above.

A. Tuesdays in UT-108.  These classes were cool, I like the talks we had and understanding the project for the week.
B. Activities overall.  I liked all of the activities except for mainly the sculpting one as it was really out of the way to do 😦 We should sculpt something at home using toothpicks or cotton balls or something!
C. Artist Conversations.  These were my favorite!! I love looking at art and talking to the artists intrigued me and sparked my interest to create more art.
D. Classmate Conversations.  I also enjoyed these because I got to meet a number of awesome people and not just ask a few questions about their day but actually get to know who they are and why they are here at CSULB.
E. Using Your Website.  At first I would get frustrated with not knowing how to work it but now I know how to get around the website.  I like having that knowledge now to be able to create a free website and use it!

Thanks for the awesome class Glenn!!!