Meeting Serena Carvajal

Serena is a Freshman and dorming at CSULB.  However, she is really excited to move off campus and get her own apartment with a few other girls.  She’s majoring in civil engineering, which is all about developing buildings, bridges, roads, and has a lot to do with math and the community.  She chose this major because she is good at math and took construction in high school as well as took an architecture/engineering program which emphasized building and fixing things.  Also, she liked to break apart objects and build them back together when she was growing up.

Some of her hobbies include running and ultimate Frisbee.  She ran in the Alley marathon and thought of it as a great accomplishment, which is as a marathon is 26 miles!  It started at the Dodgers Stadium and went all the way to the Santa Monica pier.  It was awesome because people are cheering you on the whole way and at the end people hand out food and drinks and spray you with Icy Hot.  After this marathon, she felt like she could do anything.

IMG_1339 IMG_3576 IMG_3283


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  1. Brittany · February 3, 2015

    Hi Alexandra, please be sure to title your posts according to the syllabus. It makes it a lot easier for me to figure out which week and assignment you are posting for. Thanks!


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