Meeting Zach Kim! Week 3-Classmate Interview

Zach Kim is a cool guy from Fullerton.  You may ask why he chose to go to CSULB instead of CSUF, but the reason is because CSULB has a better film department.  However, once he got here he wasn’t sure if he wanted to be in film anymore but he’s giving it a shot.  He created a film at UCLA film camp that sounded super sick though!  It’s about a man being stuck in the Purgatory and comes across a man he knew in his life and was mad this guy was going to Heaven.  So he decides to kill the man, but this man keeps coming back to the Purgatory!  He made this film super spooky with spooky sound effects and screen tint of blueish-green.  I asked if it’s up on youtube because I wanted to watch it, but he couldn’t upload it because of copyrights on the music 😦

Zach also enjoys drawing and painting.  He especially likes to work with water color and likes to draw/paint whatever comes to his mind or if something inspires him.  He also likes to work with pastel and charcoal… I’d love to learn how to work with charcoal.

A thing we had in common was that we both broke our arms and had casts.  He got a white cast when he was little by falling off a slide!  I laughed because I couldn’t figure out how that was possible unless you go backwards down it, but then he told me he was climbing up it and slipped and fell, which makes sense.  Broken arms suck!

But anyway, Zach is really nice and cool and definitely a guy you should meet!



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