Week 3-Artist Interview: Yireh Elaine Kwak

Yireh Elaine is an amazing artist who mainly works with oil paintings.  Now oil is a lot harder to work with than acrylic paint as you need thinner and a lot more stuff to make it come out the way you want it to.  Since oil is a little on the stressful side to work with, this artist likes to go back and forth between using this and painting on paper as paper is more forgiving and it gives her a nice break from using oil all the time.  Also, it helps with her creativity and artsy-ness.  She is really inspired by Gaugain and Cezanne, two artists who are like “godfathers” to her and have a kind of “old-school” feel to their paintings.  Her art teacher told her how artists can talk to dead people just by understanding their art.  Other artists she really is fond of are Gustav Klimmt and Fiona Ray.  Klimmt is the artist of “The Kiss,” and she loves the way he painted the woman and loves how he paints his patterns,  To her it looks like a landscape.  Also, she loves how Ray, a contemporary artist, manipulates her brush strokes and likes the structures/landscapes in her paintings, which have an Asian feel to them even though she isn’t Asian (she grew up in Hong Kong though).  The name of all of her art is Harmony and Discordance: Conflicting Landscapes.  This is a beautiful name for all of her artwork as most of her pieces are vibrant landscapes with structures in them with patterns.  She claims that all of these paintings come from views she sees around her home in Fullerton.  I talked to her personally about art because I love to paint and she really inspired me to try out oil painting!

Working with oil

Working with oil


Paintings on paper

Paintings on paper

The amazing artist herself!

The amazing artist herself!

Had to get a pic with her :)

Had to get a pic with her 🙂


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