Week 3: Social Photography: Instagram

This week was about posting Instragram photos about our day on Thursday 2/5/15.  Here are the pix I posted that day:

This was a project to be like a giant selfie of the class and when you go to the hashtag #art110s15, you will find all of my classmates on there and the four pictures they posted on that day as well as mine.  By looking at the hashtag page, I noticed that another person posted a picture of pho and food, I saw a lot of pictures of paintings that we were able to check out at the galleries on campus that day, a lot of selfies or selfies with friends, pets, drinks, and some activities such as rock climbing or playing pool.  I do have to say I’m jealous of @lahyawood about going to Roscoe’s chick and waffles.  These are the connections I saw with my classmates but other than the art posted, I felt like I was the only one who posted an art piece that I did myself.  I saw one other pictured where someone posted a pic of a popsicle in front of their steering wheel whereas I just posted a picture of my steering wheel.  I wasn’t really surprised to see that everyone is not doing something completely different than the others because I have been on Instragram for a few years and everyone’s pictures is about activities and their lives and I feel like everyone goes through the same thing one time or another and posts about it one time or another.  This is why I feel like it creates an Instragram community as everyone is connected and can share what they did and others can relate to what they posted.

Skate and cereal mornings to school

Skate and cereal mornings to school

I'm obsessed with pho

I’m obsessed with pho

Late night leisure class

Late night leisure class

My newest art piece!

My newest art piece!


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