Week 4: Artist Interview

Today I met an artist named Daniel Rivera, who had his art up in the Melino Gallery at CSULB.  When you walk into this gallery, all of the lights are off and at the end of the room there are a bunch of blocks in an orderly fashion on a pink light with black lights facing the blocks.  Each individual block was different with paper with print on it or cardboard and paint.  The unusual thing about each of them was that they looked to be ripped open from the inside.  This is exactly what Daniel wanted.  He wanted the viewers to get a sense of breaking free and finding their own personal light.  He made them look ripped open by placing a string on the box and then covering it with cardboard or paper then paint and having people pull on the string to “rip it open.”  This was his idea but since there were so many blocks he showed some people how to do it so he could get the piece done quicker as he was working on it since Winter Break.  He wants it to signify getting out of the hard times and ripping away to think outside of the box and to find one’s own way.  I asked him why there seemed to be blocks missing in the orderly fashion of blocks on the wall and he said if people really liked one of the 2×2’s, they could take it with them.  He liked this idea as he could make his art piece more engaging to the public and have them interact with a piece that stuck out to them as each block was individually different than the rest.  He also made this because he wants to challenge himself, he likes to dig himself into a hole so he could figure out a way to get himself out.  I find this very fascinating and I like the idea behind it, here are some pictures of the artist himself and his work!!

Daniel Rivera on the right!

Daniel Rivera on the right!

Daniel's art piece

Daniel’s art piece

The black light used to light up his work

The black light used to light up his work


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