Week 4 Classmate Conversation: Meeting Kevin Nguyen

Kevin is a super cool guy who’s a sophomore at CSULB.  His major is computer science and he is from Santa Ana, CA.  He came to CSULB to pursue a major in computer science.  He decided to pursue this because he thought that this will always have job opportunities when he gets out of college.  This is true as when he applied for college, that was when cell phones were growing to be better and better.  He is also interested in making apps for phones, more for phones than for computers because phones are more portable.  The only hard thi



ng about making new apps is that there are already soo many apps already made and it’s hard to come up with something new all the time.

So in order to get to class, Kevin skates on a sick white penny board.  That’s the way to go!  He also has never had pets but he bought a beta fish for his sister as his cousin bought her a fish tank but no fish.  This fish was either a Half Moon or a Whole Moon fish and was the color blue so he named it Blue Moon!  In his free time he likes to watch anime and just finished one that had to do with ghouls, which sounded really interesting.  Whenever he finishes a show, he likes to pick short anime series so he can have time to focus in school because anime is addicting!  But anyway, you should meet Kevin Nguyen!


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