Week 4: Mina Show

It’s the Alexx Dunk show and I go out on a normal day and seize the opportunity to make the day a bit brighter by seeing a light in something so normal.  At the Big Catch at the Promenade in Long Beach we had to ask the manager to take a picture of our dirty faces and fingers and showing how brutal we were to that shrimp and lobster.  We had to ask the manager because we wanted to stand on top of the bench.  I also got my cute bid in the photo.  I wanted to take this picture to seize the moment of all the cajun sauce on us and to depict how awesome I felt after the meal!  The second picture I saw a dusty metal electric box next to the side walk and thought of how awesome the street would look when standing on top of it.  Gotta say it looked pretty sweet and the weather was pretty nice up there.  I also noticed dusty footprints on top so someone’s already done the same thing!!!  The third picture of me on the metal art bike by Smart & Final was because I thought of how weird I would look on top of it and wondered if what people would think as they were strolling in and exiting the grocery store.  I got a load of strange looks, which made me laugh.  The final photo was when I walked past a broken phone booth.  But who uses those anymore?  So I decided to show how someone in the past might feel if they went through a time machine and wanted to call home.  Stay tuned.

20150213_224834 20150215_165326 20150215_165542 20150215_170324


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