Week 5 Meeting Cedric Vu


This is Cedric Vu, a first year here at CSULB. He’s an awesome guy who loves film and dance and from San Jose, CA who came down to Socal to pursue these dreams. His major is film and he’s actually more interested in writing the film than filming them as he likes story telling and impacting the audience that way more. He wants that effect on people and I would love to read a film of his in the future. However, what’s also interesting about Cedric is that he wants to have BOTH on and off experience with the camera and he’s actually going to be an extra in Glee in a few weeks!  So cool!!! 
Another awesome fact about Cedric is that he works at Disneyland as a dancer and because Disneyland is so perfect, he had to rehearse since he got hired in November and JUST did his first parade last week!  He loves it and I’m happy he gets to do what he loves and get paid!  He loves to dance and he even is on a community dance team who competes. This guy is really following what he loves and is very aspiring, you need to meet Cedric Vu!


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