Week 5: Activity: Kickstarter

This week’s activity was the browse a website called Kickstarter.  Now kickstarter is an incredibly genius idea for people to get their ideas out there and hopefully get funded for following their dream or idea.  So I browsed around kickstarter.com and searched for some topics that interest me.  I searched for Crafts and Food (two things I love) and found some interesting videos in both areas.  I found a few videos in both categories that I loved and would want to fund if I wasn’t a broke college kid but I also found some videos that seemed a little absurd and that I definitely wouldn’t fund if I was a millionaire.  So here are the ones I found in both categories that I found to be super legit:

This one I thought was a super cool craft idea!!  All kids and even adults love to build and love dinosaurs.  I know I love building things out of Tinker Toys and Legos when I was younger and this is stepping it up to the next level by having gigantic puzzle pieces to build a dinosaur!  I also think it’s a good learning experience for children to put puzzle pieces together and to be more interactive with it as it involves larger puzzle pieces.  I also like how the video showed someone putting it together in the backyard.

Here is another video I liked but in the food category and it is about funding around $60,000 to create a cafe where people can go to eat and drink coffee but this place is full of rescued and adoptable cats!  Everyone (who isn’t allergic) love cats and they can give attention and love you while you eat your sandwich and people may even stick around after they are done eating to chill with the cats.  These cats are also given a chance for adoption as many pet stores aren’t capable of holding so many cats for so long if they aren’t adopted in time.  I think this is an excellent idea and I love cats of course but I do think this is for a good cause, for both people and for cats!

Aaaaand here are two I found to be not so hot:

This idea was about making hand-crafted title pages on notebooks.  I feel like it failed to have creativity as it only is a person asking for something to be on the title page then buying a whole notebook that’s blank in the inside.  Why not have a notebook that’s cheaper and draw your own title page on it than going through this?  I didn’t think this was that great of an idea as I feel like if you were to get one, it’d be better to draw it yourself right there or if you are getting it for someone else, no one really writes in a diary (that I’m aware of) and therefore I don’t think this project would get very far.  This differed from the dinokits (posted above) as with dinokits, someone could actually build something out of it and have fun and learn with it whereas this project was just buying a blank notebook with a hand-crafted front page, which is not that cool….

Here is another idea I didn’t think was all too good.  These guys are asking for $75,000 to help fund their building of coffee cups made out of coffee….  I would not want to fund this because I thought the idea was rather absurd as one could easily buy a coffee cup that is reusable, and I would think would last a lot longer than a coffee cup made out of coffee.  Like why not fund for a project where people can’t drink coffee need decaf and produce a way that’s healthy and inexpensive to create decaf coffee?  Now that’s something I would fund instead.  I didn’t like this food category idea as well as the cat one because the cat one, people and cats were benefited from this whereas this coffee idea I feel like no one really benefited from it.


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