Week 5: Artist Interview: Dianna Franco

The amazing artist I interviewed is Dianna Franco.  Her whole art scene was about the relationship between nature and civilization.  She wanted to show the idea of a flux of how the inside of ourselves changes the outside and vice versa.  This is why in some of her art pieces there is a fuzzy-kind of look to them in some parts.  This shows an intertwined relationship of the core and the outside feelings of a person.  Also, she feels like the images she painted will create differences in feelings in everyone who views them because it has to do with their individual psychology.  She likes psychology a lot and even studied the brain and looked at outer space videos to get more of an idea of how they can relate in her pieces.  The pieces apply to different things in everyone because of their brain waves, their psychology, their all around package.  The outer space and cosmos she studied reinforced the idea of psychology by how stars die and from their dust something new emerges and a new thing is re-birthed.  This was to tie in her idea of the relationship between nature and civilization.

You may notice that all of her art pieces have a splash of bright colors in them a midst the more neutral colors.  These bright colors make Franco feel happy and what is in the inside of ourselves is what matters the most and she wanted to bring out those in everyone who viewed her art.  It is also in the middle of her art because that’s where the main focus is!  More about her art is that the bright colors are acrylic paint and the outside colors are from oil.  She also doesn’t have a favorite piece, she can’t leave any one of them out and can’t go on without them all together.

Dianna Franco has inspired me to use oil painting as I love painting with bright acrylic paint and I want to go to the next step; she is an amazing artist!

Here are some of her art work:

20150219_112735 20150219_112752 20150219_112806 20150219_112830


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