Week 6: Activity: Yarn Bombing

To get inspired to do yarn bombing, I visited the CSULB SOA Fiber Arts facilities on the 2nd floor of the FA2 and got some ideas of the fiber art that goes on on campus.  Here are a few pics of what I thought was interesting:

20150224_120915 20150224_120924 20150224_120934

So now that I saw a few ideas of what people can create from fiber, Jacob MacMaster and I went to Michael’s arts and crafts store to purchase some yarn.  I also was really inspired by the videos showed in class of what an outstanding impact and colorful vision yarn bombing does on everyday things people walk past and barely even notice because it is so normal.  So we got a super cool yarn bunch that changed color in different sections.  Next, we went to a park off of 7th street near the golf course and found a tree partially in the sunlight.  This tree looked like a “Y” and we decided to make a design with the yarn around it.  We wrapped the yarn around one branch, then the other, then around both, and then individually again.  We wanted to do this to create a pattern but to also look like we were “sewing up the tree.”  Here are a few pictures of our art:

20150224_152354 20150224_152616

Me and Jacob!

Me and Jacob!

I thought this project was actually really fun and we were smiling the whole time because people were looking at us weird when they were walking by and the more yarn that wrapped around the tree, the better and better it started to look!  It started out taking forever then we finally got a system down where I would wrap it around the tree and Jacob would make sure the yarn goes in the right spot.  However, I definitely wish it was a tad bit easier and wish I knew how to make patterns and was more patient with how long it was taking.  I feel like this was similar to the graffiti experience as I still felt a rush when I was doing this because I was leaving a mark of art somewhere in the middle of a park.  I think there is an invalid gender stereotype against this because males could just as easily yarn something with images and colors that they want, it doesn’t always have to be pink yarn and flower patterns!  I can see how fiber has been looked at as a “women’s craft” only because of how we depict older women sewing together a scarf.  But that doesn’t mean we can explore new ways such as yarn bombing a random tree in the park.  I do think this is an art as you pick out the color and the pattern of what you want to be left and for people to see.  I feel like people value graffiti over yarn bombing but that’s because there isn’t as much yarn bombing as there is graffiti and the more there is, the more appreciation there will be of it and beautiful and happy impact it makes on the public.


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