Week 6: classmate interview: Prem Muni

today I met a dope guy, Prem Muni!  He has a computer science major at Csulb and chose that major because he likes video games.  He mainly likes sports games and owns a ps4, which he likes better than the Xbox or war games. One thing you may not ever know about Prem when first meeting him is that he loves to go car drifting!  He’s from Cerritos so he’s a local and knows all of the spots to drift around tight corners down a hill in the rain. He likes to hang out with friends, go downtown, to the beach, but they all like to drift. That’s where they get the thrill!  I asked him what his favorite food is and it’s actually a dessert, mint chocolate chip ice cream!! He clai

Here is a photo of Prem!

Here is a photo of Prem!

ms it’s dangerous because he loves it so much he will keep eating it and just finished the last half of a tub last night!  Another cool fact about Prem is that he has traveled to India, Indonesia, Malaysia, 12 different parts of Europe, and has been to the airport in Australia, that counts right?!  His cousins on his mom’s side live in Malaysia and his dad’s side of the family live in India. He’s so lucky to be able to travel and have family he can stay with over there!


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