Week 7: Artist Interview: Brianna Allen

So first walking by this gallery, I saw that one door was open, one was closed and it looked rather dark inside with no pictures on the walls like the other galleries.  Jacob and I wandered in and looked around then Brianna herself told us that if we wanted to, we could participate in her 11 minute long meditation session.  We late learned that 11, 22, and 33 minute long sessions had traditional historical significance that reaches different layers in brain functions and the nervous system.  We were super down and grabbed 2 blocks and a yoga mat and entered the area to get comfortable and take off our shoes amidst metal boxes along the walls that resembled buildings and what you would see around campus and pay no attention to.  Also, there was a really interesting sound playing which was a collaboration with her friend of 4 different tracks playing from different areas of the room.  We closed our eyes and started our meditation, which I thought was amazing.  I had no thoughts in my head and was just focused on my body and any thought that came in I just observed it.  This is what I learned from this experience, to be more observant rather than emotional and stressed out.  This is a reason why I got more out of this experience than going into any other gallery to look at the art.

So Brianna is a metals major and is also a yoga teacher at the rock climbing gym in South Bay.  She has been escalating in her use of yoga and meditation for about 10 years when she realized her passion for it from a ballet class.  She does yoga for about an hour each day and meditates when she needs to and for as long as she needs to.  She also explained how time flies when you meditate alone because time becomes irrelevant.  From there on out she wanted to share what was important to her in her daily life and piece of mind with the academic community.  She incorporated art into it by tying in being observant with the surroundings.  Noise is supposed to affect different parts of your body and mind and also some of the tracks playing in the room were just recordings of buildings here on campus.  This definitely made me change my perspective on buildings and to be more observant and meditative with my own surroundings.

Here are some pictures of the meditative space:

The yoga mats and blocks

The yoga mats and blocks

20150305_114119 20150305_114136 20150305_114141


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