Week 7: Classmate Interview: Valeria Garcia

I loved meeting and talking to this girl today.  It was kind of like just us talking instead of an actual interview!  She’s married to Jay Perez, who is also in our class and they seem really happy together.  They are high school sweethearts which is pretty cool because she got to go to two proms with him as he is one year ahead of her, so lucky!  She also lives with him and his family and wants a puppy, but it probably would not fly with his parents.  She’s majoring in business finance and wants to be a financial analyst and someday hopefully own her own business.  She currently is a hostess at Hof’s Hut, which I feel like I always drive by but have never been there!  They sell American dishes and she has been a hostess for about a year and waiting to move up to become a server.  We found out that we both love going to the Laughing Factory at the Pike and we decided that if we ever get free tickets, we will all go together.  I’m super glad I the chance to meet Valeria and looking forward to a double date at a comedy club 🙂



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