Week 8: Classmate Interview: Nallely Silva

Nallely is a pretty laid back girl from Palmdale and is currently double majoring at CSULB in both child development and family life education.  She’s really interested in hopefully becoming a prenatal counselor.  She is on her second year here and I think it’s really cool that she is double majoring!  She is living in dorms off campus and has been dorming it for the last two years, the one thing she hates about it is the food.  I agree, I didn’t really care for the food too much when I was dorming.  That’s another reason why she can’t wait to move into an apartment instead, however she wants to learn how to cook more BUT she totally can learn once she gets a kitchen in an apartment.  She is still looking for people to move out with.  When she is not doing school work for both her majors, she likes to just chill out.  She has three little dogs back at home in Palmdale.  She also used to work at the bookstore here on campus but now she is currently looking for another job.  A cool fact about Nallely is Buffalo Wild Wings is her favorite restaurant.  I’m going to have to take her up on that and go see what the hype is all about as I have never been!


Here is Nallely!

Here is Nallely!


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