Week 8: Project Remix

Above is the link for my remix of culture.  This project took me a loong time and I literally started to get frustrated with my computer but then again I finally learned how to upload a song I made plus a picture slide show to incorporate each other (trust, wordpress doesn’t upload any music or videos unless you upgrade to premium and youtube has it’s limitations as well).  So the song in the video I created was through Garage Band and the pictures were ones I found on Google images.  I tried to have the pictures line up with the beats of my song, and tried to make them funny.  But anyway, this was my version of remixing culture as there are aspects of every day life in this music video which include dogs barking, children singing, audiences laughing, and of course your guitar and base rifts.  So all of these pictures are remixing a culture whether it’s the snowboarding culture, the diving culture, the dog people or children-friendly culture.  I would like to point out that everyone is connected and intertwines with each other to make a beautiful existence on this earth and that’s what I tried to portray through my music video.  This was definitely a bit challenging, but I would like to learn more about the music video making and possibly would like to copyright an easier and more user-friendly way of uploading whatever you like in whatever format (but who knows if that’s out already, I just suck at computers).  BUT the internet and copyright issues have both its ups and downs as there is the freedom of posting something you feel really confident about but then again the entire public on earth could see it and may think differently.  Same goes with the empowerment of feeling when you publish something you feel dearly about and then others could simply knock it down by “remixing” it to humiliate you.  But with my music video, I chose to have the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike copyright license because I am willing for others being able to remix, tweak, and build off of my work non-commercially, but I would appreciate the credit.


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