Week 9: Classmate interview: Adam Price

so I met Adam today and this person amazed me. He’s currently a senior at CSULB majoring in mechanical engineering and graduating this Spring. He’s also working on something really interesting, he’s doing 3D printing to help people with bone cancer!  Well not yet, but him and the club he’s in as well as his senior mechanical engineering class are currently practicing on mice bones to perfect it before going on to human bones. he’s also working on this closely with UCI. So amazing!  By doing this he also got a job offer from the military to help make missiles and other military equipment but the job was going to be in the desert and he’s trying to find somewhere closer. I told him my brother is about to go into college in Fall with his same major and I’m definitely going to tell my brother about Adam. Something Adam has been getting into lately is archery. He and his friends found out a way to make their own bows and arrows from wood and whatnot from YouTube videos. He likes to practice at the El Dorado park in Long Beach and apparently this is where the archery for the Summer Olympics was held in 1984. It was a pleasuimagere to meet Adam and I know he has a lot of great things in store for him in the future!


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