Week 9: artist interview: Lesley Nishigawara

I got to meet an amazing artist and got to see her MFA project for the fiber department. She took a bunch of paper and mapped out vertical and horizontal lines and then followed the lines with a string in which she wrapped around tiny green nails to help the string stay on track. However, there are a few orange nails which she indicated were her mistakes. I think it’s really interesting that she decided to keep her mistakes and even pointing them out with a different color nail, but it does add to the design. She wanted to create her own design and system and then follow it. She took into account the positive and negative space in order to make a structure.  I looked at her masterpiece for a while to determine how the lines made up the structure.  She is in the masters program here at CSULB and this is her 3rd graduate school!  She went to UC Davis, thenimage image image image Arizona Statue University, and now here.  When I was talking to her I noticed a large thing of yarn and I asked her if she ever went yarn bombing.  She said no she hasn’t!  I told her we did it for class and thought it was a fun activity and to that she asked why we didn’t yarn bomb each other.  Why didn’t I think of that!


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