Week 9 Activity: Architecture & Urban Planning

Cognitive Map


Here is a cognitive map I drew freehand without looking at a map of the campus of CSULB.  I started off with the science buildings because I am most familiar with them.  I then drew the traffic circle behind the science buildings as this is another section of the campus I am really familiar with as it is the way I walk to my car after class.

Adopt a Building

I decided to adopt the most famous building on the CSULB campus, the Walter Pyramid.  I remember the first time I have ever visited this campus, I pulled in near the pyramid and asked some students what they thought about this school when narrowing down which school I would go to that Fall.  So by asking around and doing a little bit of research I found out the building cost around $22 million and opened late 1994.  I also found out that the material of the building is of aluminum.  The pyramid itself was named the Walter Pyramid after Dr. Mike and Arline Walter.  Dr. Mike was the dean of the Business administration on this campus and was even the vice president for Levi Strauss & Co.  The reason it was named after them though…. was because they donated $2.1 million dollars for the university!!

The architecture of the building has equal measurements for each of the four sides, which makes it a true pyramid mathematically… making it one of the three “true” pyramids in the U.S.  (The two others are the Luxor in Las Vegas and the Pyramid Arena in Memphis, Tennessee).

The Walter Pyramid holds 5,000 seats and rises to around 18 stories above the skyline of Long Beach so people could see and recognize it from miles away.  Learning about this trademark on our campus that is the key icon for Long Beach State has truly made me appreciate the Walter Pyramid more.  Here is a picture if you are not familiar with the CSULB icon (I really hope you are, though haha):


Redesign the CSULB Campus

Before getting started, I would like to say, “Why hasn’t anyone thought about this?  And if they have, why is it not part of our school now?!”  So anyway, below is a picture I drew with pencil and shading of what, I’m sure, EVERYONE would love for our campus to have.  And by everyone, I mean even people who don’t go to our school such as the environmentalists…. So in my drawing you can see I added windmills on the rooftops of the majority of buildings and solar panels on the walls.  However, I do know that it may not be as pretty to the eye, that’s why I decided to add some flowers, designs, and vines going down the walls for a more aesthetic appeal.  The gears working are just an intricate design showing that hopefully we can see what the windmills are doing and how they are powering up things and creating electricity, hence the lights showing the works of the gears 😉

Also, the MAIN reason of why I thought about this futuristic idea is not only because it will be helpful to the environment with the growing population and increasing greenhouse gases but to actually try and bring down the cost of tuition.  Like I’m sure at least some of the tuition covers the electricity charges so if that’s the case, then without a doubt this will bring “light” to people’s day when they find out their tuition costs less!  20150322_211627


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