Week 10: classmate interview: Jacob MacMaster

Jacob is a really interesting and smart guy who’s taking the hardest major on campus, biology.  He told me that one of his favorite things to do is to have fun but because of his major he is always studying and he won’t be able to have fun for about two years. He won’t be able to have fun because especially next semester he is going to take a lot of really hard classes that feels he’s going to drown in. He recently found out that he likes pandas a lot. He didn’t notice it until he was pointed out that he owns a lot of panda items. So he likes them now and thinks they’re funny and chill. His favorite food are sushi, burritos, pizza, and guacamole.  He says he can eat the guacamole really fast because he likes it so much. However, he had Mexican sushi fusion and said it was amazing. He thinks French fries are really gross but he still eats them sometimes. Also, sometimes he’s willing to get desserts at restaurants but the only thing is that they cost extra money. His dream is to travel around the world whenever he wants and wants to have fun as long as it’s not skydiving or bungee jumping or riding on roller coasters. He wishes he could be a pirate even though he gets sea sick but doesn’t want to do all the pillaging. The reason he wants to be a pirate is because they travel wherever they want freely whenever they want and he lived in Fresno his whole life. He loves to wear board shorts as they are super comfy but he only owns one pair because they are expensive.  He is engaged to a girl named Alexx and she is one lucky girl.  Also if Jacob could be any bug he’d be a blue dragonfly which is funny because I would want to be a red dragonfly.



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