Week 10: Art Activity Student Choice


So this week was student choice, which I love because I like to get creative and going off on my own tangents.  The picture on the right started off on the BACKSIDE of the canvas because I liked how smooth and different it was versus the front side.  I painted it black then cut out pineapples from colored construction paper and added textures in black sharpie.  Next I posted a picture of a wave on the top right and decided to cut out more pictures out of several surf and snowboard magazines.  I liked the idea of repetition which is why there are many of that goggled monster.  The border around the bottom monsters I used sharpies to create colorful shapes and the shark I drew out along with the purple and green American flag.  I also cut a gun out of the picture of guns.  I also gave the guy with the bull horns a sick snowboard.  I tried to incorporate paint, construction paper, sharpie, and cut up magazines all into a picture to try out different techniques and to give it a different feel.  The cool thing is that I liked how my picture turned out so much I made another one (the left picture).  With this one I cut out a shark bite in the surfboard and gave the shark in the middle a parasail.  I also added sharpie cubes because I like the way they look.  I really like how these came out and want to make more!  I just need to buy more magazines haha.


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