Week 11: Classmate Interview: Jacky Mares

Today I got to meet Jacky Mares!  She is a third year here at CSULB.  She is going to stay here past her fourth year but that is because she just switched her major from biology to health science.  The reason she switched is because she hated organic chemistry but then she went to the career development center and found out that all of the careers she thought were interesting were under the health science field.  She found a really cool job that she wants to pursue, which is genetic counseling…soo sick.  Genetic counseling has a lenient schedule but still has a high pay salary.  Genetic counselors are also still in the medical setting, but without all of the stress that doctors have.  In order to go into this job, she needs to go to graduate school.  She still has some time left before she has to apply to graduate school so she’s not too sure where she wants to go yet but she does love it here at CSULB.

So she’s from Compton, but a really nice area in Compton.  I had to ask, haha.  She commutes to school every day but it’s not too bad as she doesn’t have any 8am classes, which would definitely suck for a 30ish minute drive.  She is a middle sibling and has an older brother and a younger sister.  Her brother goes to CSU Dominguez Hills and her sister goes to Cal State LA.  So her house is right in the middle of all of these schools and all of her siblings including herself get to save a lot of money living at home!  I wish I could do the same but I’m hours away from home.  She also just applied for a job for tutoring and is currently waiting to hear back to see if she got the job.  She hasn’t had a job in a while because she was focusing on her grades especially since she just switched majors and finally found out what she wants to be after college.



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