Week 12: Classmate Interview: Anissa Torres

This week I met a really cool girl named Anissa.  This is Anissa’s first year at CSULB and her major is undeclared.  However, she is thinking about having her major been in kinesiology for sports science or sports psychology.  She still isn’t 100% sure but that’s why next semester she is taking classes that could potentially fulfill a number of majors such as psychology and statistics.  She lives in North Long Beach but went to Wilson High School.  She likes alternative music because her dad has K Rock on a lot of the time.  Her favorite band is Paramore and she was lucky enough to see them live!  They actually opened for No Doubt, so jealous.

Anissa is currently working at Baskin Robbins, which is conveniently near her house.  It is her first job out of high school and she has been working there for the past 9 months.  She doesn’t necessarily like the idea of working but she knows she needs to in order to make the money.  One thing she doesn’t like about working at Baskin Robbins are cake orders.  People can get super picky with how they want their cake and she has to make sure they get exactly what they want and has to make sure the customers are charged accordingly.  One thing she loves about her work is that she can have many free samples of the ice cream.  Her favorite ice cream is cherry flavored.  It is the dark cherry flavor but she also told me she loves to eat the sweet cherries, too.

In her free time she likes to relax because school and work take up a lot of her time.  She also has a twin sister!  Her twin is also undeclared major-wise and last semester they had two classes together so the teacher in the seminar class kept mixing them up.  Anissa loves string cheese and we both think it’s weird when people don’t peel the string cheese to eat it.  A cool fact about Anissa is that she also loves soccer.  She has played since she was 5 years old until right after high school.  It’s harder to play now because of school and work.  She wants to go to Barcelona, Spain, because that’s her favorite soccer team and she wants to see them play at the stadium there.



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