Week 12: Algorithmic Art

This week we were to make up algorithmic art which is following steps or rules.  So I decided to show steps on how to draw a skull.  I started off with light blue ink then switched to black ink.  The light blue ink is like pencil, it is light so you can draw the darker lines over it but I also like the light blue so I can see how the skull was made without erasing the lines.  Here are the steps:

1.  20150419_225430

2.  20150419_225454

3.  20150419_225508

4.  20150419_225530

5.  20150419_225637

6.  20150419_225729

7.  20150419_225823

8.  20150419_225855

And there you have your skull, now you can do whatever you want with this skull from there!  I wanted to have a step by step for people to learn how to draw a skull.  I know this will help because I usually would just try and draw a skull without having any dimensions and drawing with the blue lines for a platform of where to draw really helps.  By doing this one could even make a better-dimensional face or could even distort the blue lines to try and create a monster.  From this skull, one could even add on and put horns on the skull or even color it to look like the Day of the Dead.  Starting with the blue lines, on step #3, one could curve the cross-like lines to make the skull head look up or down, left or right.

Now you can do more just like this picture that I’m not finished with yet, but getting there ;):



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