Week 12: Extra Credit

3 most favorite activities:

1.  New Media.  I thought it was fun and funny to do silly random and spontaneous pictures of myself.  I liked how I could do it anywhere and I laughed doing it.

2.  Fiber Arts.  The yarn wasn’t too expensive at all and going out in the middle of a park to yarn bomb a tree was fun.  I also liked how it looked and it really brightened up the park and made passer-bys smile!

3.  Remix Culture.  I liked this because it made me get super creative and make music and a video to go along with it.  I was really proud of my work when I was finished.

3 least favorite activities:

1.  Sculpture.  This was hard for me to get to a place to buy plaster then go to the beach to do it.  It was really out of the way considering I’m at school for the week then work on the weekends.

2.  Social Photography.  I think instead of posting them on our Instagram, we should make “Instagram-like” photos and post them on our site.  Then we would have the choice of posting them on our Instagram if we wanted to or not.

3.  I honestly can’t think of any others, I really liked all of them except for the two I mentioned above.

A. Tuesdays in UT-108.  These classes were cool, I like the talks we had and understanding the project for the week.
B. Activities overall.  I liked all of the activities except for mainly the sculpting one as it was really out of the way to do 😦 We should sculpt something at home using toothpicks or cotton balls or something!
C. Artist Conversations.  These were my favorite!! I love looking at art and talking to the artists intrigued me and sparked my interest to create more art.
D. Classmate Conversations.  I also enjoyed these because I got to meet a number of awesome people and not just ask a few questions about their day but actually get to know who they are and why they are here at CSULB.
E. Using Your Website.  At first I would get frustrated with not knowing how to work it but now I know how to get around the website.  I like having that knowledge now to be able to create a free website and use it!

Thanks for the awesome class Glenn!!!


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