Week 13: Artist Interview: Shihori Nakayama

Out of all of the galleries we visited this week, I was drawn to the Dutzi gallery where Shihori Nakayama exhibited her beautiful artwork.  Each piece that Nakayama did was so intricate with an immense amount of details I found myself staring at each artwork for a while taking it all in.  While interviewing Nakayama, she explained how she loved to incorporate a lot of detail into her work so people could enjoy looking at it.  She said it reminds her of “search-and-find” children books.  Almost all of her art pieces reminds her of times in her past or daily life as she loves to draw pictures from photos she has taken, draw from her memories or good times she has had in the past.  I asked about the girl with blue fingernails amidst all of the black and white around her.  She told me that it was her friend in one of her art classes who she had a picture with and this girl had blue nail polish.  Nakayama thought it would be cute to keep that color in her artwork when drawing her.  She also likes to have those subtle hints of color in her mainly black and white art, as you can see in the pictures below.  She might sell the pictures when she is done, I’m hoping because I would really like them in my house!  There is so much detail and so many things going on, I really did feel like I was playing a search-and-find game!  I also noticed that she drew many cats in her main art piece.  She takes pictures of cats she sees around and draws them into her art.  I also noticed a “ninja” on the far left, but when I asked her about it she explained to me that it was actually a Japanese sport called Kindle.

20150423_113556 20150423_113653 20150423_113707

Above are her detailed work that she used an expensive pen to do.  Her other art pieces included ones where she used several prints one on top of the other to do.  They really were amazing and if you look up really close, you could see the light, glistening color of animals in the background of the first picture below.  In the second picture you can see the different layers of flowers and the last picture is of a sunset above beautiful mountains.



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