Week 13: Classmate Interview: Gibson Reedy

I met an awesome person, Gibson Reedy in Art110 class.  He is afreshman with a pre-film major here at CSULB.  He is from Portland, Oregon and finally has found a place to move in in SoCal with his British friend.  He is also officially a California resident as he also got his California license, too.  He wanted to move down to SoCal to be closer to L.A. because he is really into film.  So in high school, Gibson worked for the newspaper at his school.  However, when he went to help out on a segment, he brought all of his video equipment and asked where the reporter was.  There was no reporter and the teacher told him that he would be the one reporting!  So, Gibson took on being a reporter for the school and the interesting thing is, he pretty much was a one man team as he also filmed!  He had to decide the story, film it, edit it, and post it.  The coolest part about that was that he got to dip out of class to do segments.  He has all of his 53 videos up on YouTube.  If 53 sounds impressive, well in actuality, Gibson has done 78 movies since the 5th grade!   Gibson told me that the reason he still doesn’t do journal reporting is because it is really hard to get your name out there and to get to travel the world to do it.  He doesn’t want to get stuck somewhere boring doing it, so that’s why he is majoring in pre-film.  So Gibson is a really cool guy that everyone should meet and I think he is going to be famous one day!  Here are some pictures of me and Gibson and then some other classmates and our teacher!

20150423_121927 20150423_121942 20150423_122008 20150423_122056


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