Week 15: artist Interview: Sara Walter

I got to meet a set down to Earth artist, Sara Walter.  She is an amazing artist and displayed her art in the Aduriz gallery.

image image image image imageI noticed that she likes to draw dinosaurs and she told me that she got into drawing dinosaurs and dinosaurs in general because of the movie Jurassic Park!  I love the dinosaur picture with the skeleton then the muscle and finally the entire dinosaur picture. I’m amazed at. How flawless it is. The other dinosaur picture with the cowboy on it is extremely detailed I can only imagine how long it took her.  I asked if she has ever seen the previews for a new movie of dinosaurs vs Cowboys but she hasn’t a and im actually not too sure if this movie preview is legit or not haha.  The two pictures of the backgrounds are amazing but interesting fais ct is that it’s on photoshop but she only just started to learn how to use photoshop last summer!!  She’s definitely gifted!  But she told me the name of the teacher she had for photoshop which I am going to follow up on.

So a funny fact is that we actually had a long conversation about guinea pigs.  I own two and so does she!  She names her guinea pigs after spices like sage and clover.  She also made her guinea pig cage out of plaster from Costco and I’m having her email me a picture to help me build one of my own.

Sara is a super chill girl with an amazing artistic talent and if you ever get the chance you need to definitely meet her!


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