Week 12: Algorithmic Art

This week we were to make up algorithmic art which is following steps or rules.  So I decided to show steps on how to draw a skull.  I started off with light blue ink then switched to black ink.  The light blue ink is like pencil, it is light so you can draw the darker lines over it but I also like the light blue so I can see how the skull was made without erasing the lines.  Here are the steps:

1.  20150419_225430

2.  20150419_225454

3.  20150419_225508

4.  20150419_225530

5.  20150419_225637

6.  20150419_225729

7.  20150419_225823

8.  20150419_225855

And there you have your skull, now you can do whatever you want with this skull from there!  I wanted to have a step by step for people to learn how to draw a skull.  I know this will help because I usually would just try and draw a skull without having any dimensions and drawing with the blue lines for a platform of where to draw really helps.  By doing this one could even make a better-dimensional face or could even distort the blue lines to try and create a monster.  From this skull, one could even add on and put horns on the skull or even color it to look like the Day of the Dead.  Starting with the blue lines, on step #3, one could curve the cross-like lines to make the skull head look up or down, left or right.

Now you can do more just like this picture that I’m not finished with yet, but getting there ;):



Week 12: Artist Interview: Piet Eppinga

The sculptures in the Werby gallery instantly drew my attention.  The gallery was full of life-sized, beautiful sculptures of earthy human-like figures.  Instead of the artist, Piet, being outside behind a table to answer questions, he actually gave me and few other classmates a walk through of his gallery.  He explained his interpretation of each sculpture and explained what it was made of and the meanings behind the design.  He also said that his sculptures were up for our interpretation, too.  Ideas developed and he worked to sculpt his ideas but then more pop up and tries to include all of his interpretations and ideas into his art.  Piet has a Caucasian heritage but his art was diverse and multicultural as he lives in a multicultural society and needs to incorporate the different cultures and subcultures into his art, otherwise it would cause segregation.  Piet also just started sculpting in 2008.  I can’t believe he pretty much just started as his work is absolutely incredible!  He owns a house more north of Long Beach and it is big enough to where he can fit all of his life-sized sculptures in his home.

During Piet’s second employment to Iraq, his buddy told him to use the GI Bill.  So he did and came to CSULB.  He started off taking welding classes and then the polish wheel because he though it was pretty cool.  His ceramics teacher told him that he could be good at ceramics if he went for it.  He took the teacher’s advice and now he is an amazing sculptor.  He also wants to be a kindergarten-12th grade art teacher one day.

20150416_114941Here is a picture of Piet himself and one of his art pieces.

2015-04-19 14.59.08This piece is called Songhariganeszzchee Unman.  That’s 20 letters!  Her parents gave her that name and you can see in her face that she is both happy and sad.  Life is a little bit of happiness and a little bit of sadness.  Her large breasts show that she has given birth to many children and that has given her happiness and a little bit of pain.  The thing on her back is a metaphor for everything in life that drags her down.  The bottom part is the most beautiful skirt and the white parts are embroidered flowers.  But just like in life, everything goes old and can’t keep repairing itself.  That’s what the dark holes in the skirt represent.  The urn on top of her head is a metaphor for all the people she has buried.  All of those in her family who grew old and passed away and she has buried.  But then again when she grows old, her younger family will bury her, too.

Screenshot_2015-04-19-15-07-35This next picture is time specific in the 1950s.  It is Piet’s interpretation of a 21st century fertility figure.  The texture of the dress represents the night gown she is wearing during that time period.

Screenshot_2015-04-19-15-12-56This sculpture is called Queen.  It  represents a lady who has nobility and strength.  It has three forms of plus signs, which represents strength.  The ball in the clove represents notoriety over land.  There are vertical architectural forms that resemble stability and wealth.  All of these concepts of a queen is represents a very good queen.

Piet’s artwork is phenomenal and if you want to see more, visit his websit: Pietspottery.com!

Week 12: Classmate Interview: Anissa Torres

This week I met a really cool girl named Anissa.  This is Anissa’s first year at CSULB and her major is undeclared.  However, she is thinking about having her major been in kinesiology for sports science or sports psychology.  She still isn’t 100% sure but that’s why next semester she is taking classes that could potentially fulfill a number of majors such as psychology and statistics.  She lives in North Long Beach but went to Wilson High School.  She likes alternative music because her dad has K Rock on a lot of the time.  Her favorite band is Paramore and she was lucky enough to see them live!  They actually opened for No Doubt, so jealous.

Anissa is currently working at Baskin Robbins, which is conveniently near her house.  It is her first job out of high school and she has been working there for the past 9 months.  She doesn’t necessarily like the idea of working but she knows she needs to in order to make the money.  One thing she doesn’t like about working at Baskin Robbins are cake orders.  People can get super picky with how they want their cake and she has to make sure they get exactly what they want and has to make sure the customers are charged accordingly.  One thing she loves about her work is that she can have many free samples of the ice cream.  Her favorite ice cream is cherry flavored.  It is the dark cherry flavor but she also told me she loves to eat the sweet cherries, too.

In her free time she likes to relax because school and work take up a lot of her time.  She also has a twin sister!  Her twin is also undeclared major-wise and last semester they had two classes together so the teacher in the seminar class kept mixing them up.  Anissa loves string cheese and we both think it’s weird when people don’t peel the string cheese to eat it.  A cool fact about Anissa is that she also loves soccer.  She has played since she was 5 years old until right after high school.  It’s harder to play now because of school and work.  She wants to go to Barcelona, Spain, because that’s her favorite soccer team and she wants to see them play at the stadium there.


Week 11: artist interview: Patricia Rangel

Patricia Rangel made incredible art using dirt she found on the side of the road and a baby cemetery, mainly by her house in Dinuba, CA.  What she does is take plywood to make a cast then fills it up with fine brown dirt and adds some water.  The dirt becomes super compacted then she takes off the plywood. It becomes so compacted that she actually has to use a sledgehammer to break apart the dirt after!  The plywood also is about to burst open because the dirt expands, as well.  It sounds pretty fun and stress-relieving to sledgehammer the hard dirt, and in fact she says it does exactly that. In order to get the dirt, Patricia will drive around in a truck with bags and collect the dirt but she will usually have someone along to help her, like her dad. She mainly gets the dirt from agricultural areas and even used wood found on the side of the ground used to hold up fences or even wood that used to hold up the grape vines to incorporate into her art. She has also gotten the dirt from a high school and even at a hospital in her hometown that was being remodeled.  She likes to recycle the dirt, but her favorite dirt to work with is super fine.  One of her pieces is made of a small block (that I will explain in the below paragraph) of dirt that she sifted through several times in order to make it super fine.

Patricia is a medalist major at CSULB and she got her idea from filling up pendants with dirt and wanting to make Adobe bricks. She is from Dinuba, California, and the dirt she uses reminds her of home. She grew up in an agricultural part of California and this is found in her art. The place where she is from plants, picks, and burns in cycles just like the cycle of life and death.  When she graduates, she wants to have her own studio

Two interesting pieces she had were from a baby cemetery. One of the pieces had several chain links connected to each other leading to the pile of dirt on the ground. The links are made to resemble the shape of the cemetery and the number of links resembled the number of babies buried there. Another piece was special to her as it contained a golden link in a small, finer dirt block. This gold chain resembles someone that was dear to her.

The dirt has such a crazy edge to it!

The dirt has such a crazy edge to it!

20150409_114546 20150409_114604

These are the individual chains in the shape of the cemetery.

These are the individual chains in the shape of the cemetery.

These were once used to help hold up the grapevines

These were once used to help hold up the grapevines

This is the small dirt block with the golden link in it.

This is the small dirt block with the golden link in it.

Week 11: Classmate Interview: Jacky Mares

Today I got to meet Jacky Mares!  She is a third year here at CSULB.  She is going to stay here past her fourth year but that is because she just switched her major from biology to health science.  The reason she switched is because she hated organic chemistry but then she went to the career development center and found out that all of the careers she thought were interesting were under the health science field.  She found a really cool job that she wants to pursue, which is genetic counseling…soo sick.  Genetic counseling has a lenient schedule but still has a high pay salary.  Genetic counselors are also still in the medical setting, but without all of the stress that doctors have.  In order to go into this job, she needs to go to graduate school.  She still has some time left before she has to apply to graduate school so she’s not too sure where she wants to go yet but she does love it here at CSULB.

So she’s from Compton, but a really nice area in Compton.  I had to ask, haha.  She commutes to school every day but it’s not too bad as she doesn’t have any 8am classes, which would definitely suck for a 30ish minute drive.  She is a middle sibling and has an older brother and a younger sister.  Her brother goes to CSU Dominguez Hills and her sister goes to Cal State LA.  So her house is right in the middle of all of these schools and all of her siblings including herself get to save a lot of money living at home!  I wish I could do the same but I’m hours away from home.  She also just applied for a job for tutoring and is currently waiting to hear back to see if she got the job.  She hasn’t had a job in a while because she was focusing on her grades especially since she just switched majors and finally found out what she wants to be after college.


Week 10: Art Activity Student Choice


So this week was student choice, which I love because I like to get creative and going off on my own tangents.  The picture on the right started off on the BACKSIDE of the canvas because I liked how smooth and different it was versus the front side.  I painted it black then cut out pineapples from colored construction paper and added textures in black sharpie.  Next I posted a picture of a wave on the top right and decided to cut out more pictures out of several surf and snowboard magazines.  I liked the idea of repetition which is why there are many of that goggled monster.  The border around the bottom monsters I used sharpies to create colorful shapes and the shark I drew out along with the purple and green American flag.  I also cut a gun out of the picture of guns.  I also gave the guy with the bull horns a sick snowboard.  I tried to incorporate paint, construction paper, sharpie, and cut up magazines all into a picture to try out different techniques and to give it a different feel.  The cool thing is that I liked how my picture turned out so much I made another one (the left picture).  With this one I cut out a shark bite in the surfboard and gave the shark in the middle a parasail.  I also added sharpie cubes because I like the way they look.  I really like how these came out and want to make more!  I just need to buy more magazines haha.

Week 10: classmate interview: Jacob MacMaster

Jacob is a really interesting and smart guy who’s taking the hardest major on campus, biology.  He told me that one of his favorite things to do is to have fun but because of his major he is always studying and he won’t be able to have fun for about two years. He won’t be able to have fun because especially next semester he is going to take a lot of really hard classes that feels he’s going to drown in. He recently found out that he likes pandas a lot. He didn’t notice it until he was pointed out that he owns a lot of panda items. So he likes them now and thinks they’re funny and chill. His favorite food are sushi, burritos, pizza, and guacamole.  He says he can eat the guacamole really fast because he likes it so much. However, he had Mexican sushi fusion and said it was amazing. He thinks French fries are really gross but he still eats them sometimes. Also, sometimes he’s willing to get desserts at restaurants but the only thing is that they cost extra money. His dream is to travel around the world whenever he wants and wants to have fun as long as it’s not skydiving or bungee jumping or riding on roller coasters. He wishes he could be a pirate even though he gets sea sick but doesn’t want to do all the pillaging. The reason he wants to be a pirate is because they travel wherever they want freely whenever they want and he lived in Fresno his whole life. He loves to wear board shorts as they are super comfy but he only owns one pair because they are expensive.  He is engaged to a girl named Alexx and she is one lucky girl.  Also if Jacob could be any bug he’d be a blue dragonfly which is funny because I would want to be a red dragonfly.